Screengrabs of the clips analysed by the DAU

The Deepfakes Analysis Unit (DAU) reviewed a video that features former U.S. President Donald Trump apparently addressing Pakistani Americans through a speech, reassuring them of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s release from prison were he to win. After running the video through A.I. detection tools and escalating it to our partners for analysis, it has been established that the video was manipulated using synthetic audio. 

The 22-second clip was sent to the DAU tipline for verification. There were obvious signs of visual and auditory inconsistencies that could be noticed in the video, especially at the three second mark and then at around the half-way mark. The lip synchronisation was off and the voice sounded like Trump’s but the style of delivery seemed robotic.

We ran this video through the A.I. voice detection tool of, a company that focuses on artificial intelligence solutions for voice safety. The results that returned indicated that the probability of the audio being real was very low.

We also put the video through HIVE AI’s deepfake detection tool and that too indicated elements of manipulation in the video.

We escalated this video for further evaluation to ConTrails AI, a Bangalore-based startup that has its own A.I. tools for detection of audio and video spoofs. Their analysis corroborated our initial findings. They concluded that the video appeared to be a lip sync deepfake; the audio was produced using voice cloning tools and it was completely synthetic.  

(Written by Debraj Sarkar and edited by Pamposh Raina.)

Kindly Note: The manipulated audio/video files that we receive on our tipline are not embedded in our assessment reports because we do not intend to contribute to their virality.

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